Works in Typography – Bob Farber

The late Bob Farber was a well known and award winning Art Director in the fields of advertising and typographical design in the ’60s, 70s, and 80s.  Some of his best known work appeared in a quarterly publication called U&lc (Upper & Lower Case) that had an international subscriber base exceeding 250,000. Here is some information about […]

Capture 2

Ring Images – Robert Mangold

Minimalist art with an architectural bent. Or as Wikipedia describes:  “simple elements which are put together through complex means”. more Robert Mangold: WikiPaintings Lisson Gallery Saatchi Gallery h/t butdoesitfloat.com  


A Period of Juvenile Prosperity – Mike Brodie

A new exhibition by photographer Mike Brodie, documenting the years he spent traveling across America by rail. Excerpt from mbart.com: For three intense and prolific years, Brodie crisscrossed the states hopping trains, hitchhiking and employing whatever freely available means to fuel his burning lust for movement. The resulting photographs weave a telling photo narrative relatable to […]


Yan Nascimbene and Italo Calvino

dead souls

“In a word, all was somehow desolate and splendid, as it is given to neither nature nor art to devise” – Dead Souls

Chapter 6 of Gogol’s Dead Souls, description of Plyushkin’s garden: In places green, sun struck thickets parted to reveal a hollow between them, untouched by light and gaping like a dark maw, it was cast all in shadow, and its black depths afforded but the faintest glimpse of a coursing narrow path, the ruins of […]