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The late Bob Farber was a well known and award winning Art Director in the fields of advertising and typographical design in the ’60s, 70s, and 80s.  Some of his best known work appeared in a quarterly publication called U&lc (Upper & Lower Case) that had an international subscriber base exceeding 250,000. Here is some information about Bob, from the March 1983 issue of U&lc (click to enlarge):

The work below shows his passion for shapes, colors, and patterns that can be created from typography.

Ilene Stritzver, director of font design for ITC, explains how these images were produced, “The mechanical for playful layouts such as this one had to be manually ‘separated’, that is, the paper type characters had to be cut apart, and each color waxed and placed on its own acetate overlay; they were then perfectly lined up using ‘register marks’ onto an illustration board with tape so the printer could photograph each color separately. This process, now done digitally, is much less painful.”

Bob’s forte was the conceptualization and manual layout of these designs. During his retirement years, Bob created hundreds of wood sculptures that are reminiscent of his typographical work, and now grace the homes of many friends and family members (more on these to come later).

Find out more about U&lc:

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  1. Thank you for sharing Bob’s fabulous work with us. His creativity runs through the family including this website and what I have seen of Ben’s writing.

  2. “order out of chaos” “negative space first” are hallmarks of the Farber mind. The site and it’s “meandering” are reflective of this creative intelligence. thank you, David Farber! of course, this is brought to you by the same guy that, along with his brother ben, tried to convince me of the genius of the movie “Dodgeball”…..! go figure.

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